Why choose an independent funeral celebrant?

Arranging the funeral of someone close to you can be a challenging experience. You may have to take charge of practical matters at a time when you are emotionally and physically exhausted and, when it comes to thinking about the shape and content of a funeral ceremony, the choices might seem either impossibly restricted or overwhelmingly open-ended. Many people in the UK have no affiliation to a religious body or denomination, and so a ceremony in a religious building may not feel appropriate or it may be difficult to arrange. Perhaps the person who has died held strong spiritual beliefs, or none at all. Perhaps they would additionally, or rather, wish to be remembered by what they achieved in their life, or by the values which they subscribed to, the hobbies they enjoyed, the life philosophies which engaged and motivated them.

From the initial stages of planning a funeral to the ceremony itself, you might consider working with an independent funeral celebrant.  I act independently from any single religious or spiritual organisation, but I believe that every person who has died should be entitled to a dignified and beautiful funeral ceremony, planned with care and respect: a ritual to mark the end of life and the farewell to the physical body. A funeral provides the chance to say goodbye and to mourn the loss of the person who has died. It gives a powerful collective opportunity to remember and to celebrate a life. A funeral is an important milestone in the grieving process and should allow for those present to share their emotions of loss in a setting of safety.  If it doesn’t take place in a religious building, then it may be held at a burial ground or a crematorium.

There is a considerable amount of freedom when it comes to deciding the form and content of a ceremony, as there is no legal component to observe. My role is to guide and shape the choices you would like to make. I will meet with you and help you to create a unique, personal ceremony. You might like to include a eulogy, music (live or recorded), readings, prayers: a balance between spiritual and secular, as you see fit. I am with you during the funeral, leading where appropriate, and I enable you to participate as much or as little as you would like.

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About Me

I first came to London as a student fifteen years ago and have lived in the borough of Hackney since 2010 with my family. I work as a musician and still enjoy an active career as a classical pianist and teacher. I decided to train as a celebrant because I wished to root myself more strongly in my local community, using my creative skills (being at home on the stage, writing, speaking in public and performing) to help people at a difficult time in their lives. I was trained by the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants and am accredited by the National Association of Funeral Directors. I work by their codes of ethics and provide a professional, personable and compassionate service.